Brismark is committed to helping businesses fulfill their workplace health and safety (WHS) obligations by offering comprehensive workplace audits.

Workplace Health and Safety manual

Brismark has developed a ‘generic’ Workplace Health and Safety manual based on the main functions of Wholesale businesses within the markets and businesses operating in retail environments.  This manual is available to all Members and Registered Retailers for FREE and other businesses for a small cost.

This manual provides each business with a basic number of policies and procedures which then can be developed to suit different business requirements.  It also provides WHS forms to help businesses meet basic WHS obligations.

Workplace Health and Safety audits

In addition to the manual, Brismark offers annual WHS audits to all Members and Registered Retailers for FREE.  This service is also available for a small cost to all other businesses.  The audit involves a Brismark representative visiting your work site and viewing you workplace and processes.

The Brismark representative completes a WHS audit checklist that outlines the basic legislative requirements for businesses within the Markets, retail environments and other business areas.   On completion of the visit, a report is compiled (including photo’s) outlining the observations and identification of recommendations.




Safety updates

Brismark’s members are provided with regular WHS updates.