Brismark provides training and development opportunities to help businesses improve the skill levels of their employees.

Brismark Training Centre is within the Central Trading Area (CTA) at Brisbane Produce Market.  You and your team can:

  • increase productivity by eliminating travel time
  • have access to training delivered by qualified, experienced trainers, tailored to the specific needs of the fresh produce industry
  • save on costs through access to discounted and competitive prices.

Finding the right training courses and providers for training in everything from compliance training to key employment law topics can be tough. Being a member organisation, Brismark understands what your business needs and provides an opportunity for employees within the markets or associated businesses to enhance their skills and expertise by attending programs delivered by experts in their fields.

More information on specific workshops and courses can be found in the Brismark Training Centre booklet. (link) If you can’t locate a course or topic that meets your business needs, contact the Business Services team on 07 3915 4224. It may be something other businesses are looking for too.

For a list of current courses, see the Brismark Training Calendar.

Basic Food Safety Awareness

Brismark offers businesses the chance to increase their employees’ understanding of basic food safety in this course. It is a great opportunity for employers to meet food safety standards and increase the value of their business by increasing the skills and knowledge of their staff.
This course provides an introduction to food safety.

HACCP Certification and Re-Certification

Brismark offers access to nationally accredited HACCP Certification courses specific to the produce industry.  This course, along with the re-certification course, is delivered by a Registered Training Organisation and both are compliant with the requirements of the Coles and Woolworth Quality Assurance (WQA) Standards.

Forklift Licensing Theory and Assessment

The operation of high-risk equipment (LF Forklift) requires the operator to be licenced.  A business allowing an unlicensed person to operate a forklift is in direct breach of the WHS legislation and could face serious fines.  Brismark has engaged a training provider to deliver the forklift training and assessment required to obtain a Forklift Licence.

First Aid Training

As per Work Health and Safety Queensland’s First Aid Code of Practice 2004 – there must be access to trained first aid personnel sufficient for all workers and all shifts.  Brismark offers access to Senior First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and refresher courses several times throughout the calendar year.

First Aid personnel must have a current ‘Senior First Aid’ qualification to comply with the First Aid Code of Practice.  This qualification is valid for three years from the date of issue.

(Please Note:  CPR training is a component of the Senior First Aid training and must be renewed yearly).

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling is a term used that is mostly linked to lifting.  However, there are several tasks within the workplace that are classified as Manual Tasks and require what is defined as ‘force exerted by a person other than just lifting. That is why it is important to ensure we don’t narrow our view and look further than just ‘lifting’ as a manual task.

This course focuses on several manual tasks that can lead to musculoskeletal injuries and how with some review and planning you can eliminate or reduce the risk.

This course is provided as either a general ‘public’ course or can be delivered on-site at your business to cover all your staff.