Businesses involved in the handling and distribution of food items including fresh produce are becoming more stringent in requesting suppliers have HACCP programs in place. Brismark has developed several services to assist businesses implement and manage these requirements. These services range from providing advice and developing manuals to a full service offering through its consultancy service.

Quality Assurance/HACCP advisory service

Brismark provides a key advisory service to members (primary wholesalers) and retailers regarding quality assurance (QA) information and legislative changes.  Our role is to help your business stay informed about key changes in food safety legislation and grocery chain standards/specification i.e., Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA), Safe Quality Food (SQF), Coles, Aldi as well as QA/HACCP processes.

Brismark does this through monthly QA updates and information sessions. If you are a member, you will automatically be informed of any upcoming changes.

If you are looking for advice or wish to be included on the mailing list, contact the Business Services Manager on (07) 3915 4222.

Quality Assurance and HACCP manuals

Brismark has developed various levels of quality assurance and HACCP manuals to meet the needs of individual businesses. This is a cost-effective way to gain or update your business’s manuals or certifications. The manuals available include:

  • HACCP manual – which includes basic HACCP Certification requirements
  • Quality Assurance manual – which includes all or a combination of – WQA, SQF, Coles, and Aldi standards/specifications.

For more information contact Brismark’s Business Services Manager on (07) 3915 4222 or [email protected]

QA Updates

Brismark’s members are provided with regular QA Updates.