Brismark understands the unique nature of the Market and is therefore well placed to provide Market businesses comprehensive Human Resources (HR) and Industrial Relations (IR) services.

Professional advice is available in areas such as:

  • Fair Work Act, regulations and National Employment Standards (NES)
  • Workplace specific collective or enterprise agreements
  • Applicable modern awards, interpretation and current wage rates
  • General HR and IR Issues ie performance management
  • Contracts of employment
  • Termination and redundancy provisions and processes
  • Dispute resolution through mediation and negotiation
  • Other applicable legislative frameworks
  • Representation, assistance or advice in regards to unfair dismissal claims
  • Access to Brismark’s external IR specialists, if required


HR Health-checks


With continuous changes in employment law and the increasing need to keep up to date with ‘HR Best Practice’, some businesses are finding their time is spent reacting to HR situations rather than dedicating time to put in place proactive business solutions.

A HR Health Check can assist your business in identifying those areas where you are at risk and areas where changes are recommended to ensure you not only comply with legislation but improve your efficiencies and the effectiveness of you HR practices.

What is a HR Health Check?

The HR Health Check is a practical process that incorporates a 30 minute survey session with a Brismark representative to help assess the current ‘HR Health Status’ of your business.

Why Should I do it?

Businesses can often experience difficulties with certain elements of their people practices.  By conducting the HR Health Check we can identify why and when this is occurring, other potential people related risks and offer some practical solutions to get you back on the ‘HR Track’.

Who conducts the survey interview?

The HR Health Check Survey Interview is conducted by Brismark’s experienced HR Practitioner, with over 20 years experience in various industries within the HR profession.  Through this industry experience and knowledge of the market businesses, Brismark are confident they can provide you with some practical advice and assistance in implementing the recommendations.

What is the Wage/Salary Survey?

In conjunction with the HR Health Check, Brismark can also conduct a Market Site Wage/Salary Survey.  There are many salary survey’s in the marketplace, however they are not reflective of how roles operate in the market.  This will provide all businesses with a guide on the average wages/salaries of the various key roles in the Brisbane Markets.

How does it work?

  1. Book a Date & Time for the HR Health Check Survey Interview
  2. Gather supporting documentation prior to the Survey Interview (refer to attached checklist)
  3. Complete the Survey Interview (approx. 30 minutes)
  4. Brismark reviews the findings
  5. Findings and recommendations are documented in a report
  6. Meeting arranged to present the report and discuss the findings and recommendations
  7. We work with your business to implement agreed recommendations


HR/IR updates

Brismark Members are provided regular HR/IR updates.

HR Fact Sheets

Brismark HR fact sheets, cover a number of key HR/IR issues faced in the workplace.  The fact sheets aim to take the confusion out of deciphering legislation and the ‘real’ meaning of the requirements. The HR fact sheets cover a variety of common issues and provide clear and concise explanations of the standards and processes that need to be followed.

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