Brismark’s Debt Recovery Service is a licensed commercial collection agency.

The service is available to all creditors for debts incurred both inside and outside the Brisbane Markets and for all manner and types of debt. It is not limited to fruit and vegetable-related debt.

 The benefits of using the Debt Recovery Service (DRS)

  • Commission is paid on a success basis which means in most cases you only pay on the successful collection of debts. Brismark Members get a further discount on an already low fee.
  • Brismark’s industry contacts and expertise help to encourage cooperation from debtors and may also assist in locating difficult to contact debtors when required.
  • DRS has the expertise to reform slow payers and relieves your staff of the burden of administering long-term debt repayment schedules.
  • DRS past performance proves it gets results.

DRS has the expertise to commence, progress, and finalise any debt issue your company has outstanding. DRS is a licensed commercial agent and as such offers a practical and competitive means to address your debt recovery needs.

FAQ’s and forms

Find out more about the DRS or call a DRS expert between the hours of 7.30am – 4pm, Monday to Friday:

Phone: 07 3915 4220
Fax: 07 3915 4221
Email: [email protected]