In February 2020, Brismark launched the new Training Centre in Building D, with the aim to deliver a variety of courses and workshops, based on compliance issues, employment law and industry requirements. Unfortunately, the majority of these scheduled courses had to be cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19.

Brismark relaunched the training program in February 2021 with a three month calendar of scheduled courses to meet existing training needs while ensuring flexibility to meet any changing industry requirements.  In addition, we are launching a number of new Workshops and Programs based on feedback received in the Brismark Member Survey.  One such course, the Brismark Market Induction, will provide new Market employees an understand of the industry, employment laws, traffic management and chain of responsibility, forklift and pedestrian safety, manual handling, drug and alcohol management, bullying, harassment and violence in the workplace and food safety requirements.

If you can not locate a course or topic that meets your business needs, or would like to book a course for your staff that better fits into your schedule, contact the Business Services team on 3915 4122 or  [email protected] 

Schedule of Course Fees

Instructor led or ‘Face to Face Courses (per attendee) Members, Associate Members,

Retail Program

Work Health and Safety
Forklift Operator Licence $550 (GST free – members only) $605 + GST
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment $50 + GST $70 + GST
Fire Safety:  Emergency, First Response, Fire Warden $50 + GST $70 + GST
First Aid:  Full Course or 3 year Recertification $165 (GST free – members only) $175 + GST
First Aid:  CPR Annual Recertification $70 + GST $80 + GST
Manual Handling $50 + GST $70 + GST
Compliance to Culture $50 + GST $70 + GST
Traffic Management / Chain of Responsibility $50 + GST $70 + GST
Cyber Security Awareness $50 + GST $70 + GST
Food Quality Systems
Fair Farms Free Course
Post Harvest Course (3 days including a field trip) $200 + GST $230 + GST
Basic Food Safety and Hygiene $50 + GST $70 + GST
HACCP Certification (2 days) $1100 (GST free – members only) $1200 + GST
HACCP Recertification $550 + GST $570 + GST
Human Resources
Pit Stop – Men’s Health Program Free Course
Performance Management and Disciplinary Processes $50 + GST $70 + GST
Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment $50 + GST $70 + GST
Mental Health Awareness $170 + GST $180 + GST
Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace $50 + GST $70 + GST
Injury/Illness Management $50 + GST $70 + GST
Brismark Market Induction $70 + GST $90 + GST

Schedule of Courses

December 2021

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7 December Forklift Operator Licence 7 – 9.30am Book Now