Brismark Online – Connect to the Credit Service Online

Brismark Online is a secure platform for Brismark Billers and Buyers to access the Credit Service.

Benefits for Brismark Billers:

  • Save on the cost of printing invoices.
  • Allows buyers to use the website to send Adjustment Requests promptly, securely and within a full audit trail.
  • Provide better service to customers by facilitating the electronic provision of invoices to buyers on the day of purchase.
  • Assist in generating cost savings by reducing data entry and filing costs for the biller.

Benefits for Buyers:

  • Ability to access invoices on the day of purchase (after 4pm).  This access ability is secure and can be done via smart phone anywhere, anytime.
  • Ability to lodge adjustment requests promptly and securely while providing a full audit trail.
  • Reconcile accounts and lodge discrepancies online.
  • Cheaper Credit Service weekly fees.

Not online yet? To learn more about Brismark Online and to request access, contact the Credit Service on 07 3921 4280 or email [email protected]

Access Invoices on the Go!

Brismark Online is available on smartphones making it even easier to check your market invoices while on the move.