The A better choice! retailer program brings together more than 500 independent fruit and veg retailers nationwide to educate consumers about the many benefits of shopping at their local,
independent retailer.

A joint initiative of Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) and the Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA), A better choice! boasts Australia’s largest group of independent retailers.

In Queensland, the program is run by Brismark. Brismark and Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) invest significant resources into the program to run Queensland-focused marketing campaigns across a range of platforms including television, radio, digital and social media. Advertising encourages consumers to buy fruit and veg from their local independent retailer displaying the A better choice! logo.

At a national level, two campaigns are run each year along with seasonal promotions and a social media and website presence. Geo-targeted campaign activity on social media reaches consumers near member stores with a prompt to shop at their local independent retailer.

The more retailers who display the A better choice! logo, the more collective impact we can make by increasing brand awareness, educating more consumers about the many benefits of buying fresh produce from local independent retailers and ultimately getting more shoppers through the doors of their local fruit and veg shop.

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