This workshop increases awareness of and develops the skills and knowledge to prevent,
workplace bullying, violence, aggression and sexual harassment.

These negative behaviours can seriously impact workplaces via direct and indirect costs, lost
productivity, disengaged workers, absenteeism, resignation, property damage and medical
or legal expenses as a result of physical and psychological injury or harm.

Participants of this workshop will understand the definition of bullying, violence and
aggression and sexual harassment and the harm caused by these damaging workplace
behaviours as well as strategies to eliminate them.

With recent changes to the legislation and current events in the media it is a timely reminder
to managers and staff to ensure they have these workplace risk managed and under control
and that all staff are aware of the workplace conduct requirements and how to prevent
and/or report instances.

Target Audience: General staff, supervisors and managers to understand the legislative requirements and responsibilities of all staff levels.

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23 May 2023 | 8 – 9am