Elliott Carter
Stone Fruit Category Manager
Montague Fresh (QLD) Pty Ltd

Elliott started his career in the fresh produce industry when he was still at school, working at his local fruit and veg shop. By age nineteen, Elliott was offered a position as a Sales Cadet with Montague Fresh.

“They were looking for someone with no experience in wholesale marketing or the selling of fresh produce, that could be trained up,” said Elliott.

“I then worked my way up to Apple and Pear Category Manager and am now Stone Fruit Category Manager.”

Elliott says that one of the best things about his job is getting to taste all the different fruits.

“I love that you get to taste different fruits and you gain a sense of the region they come from – a bit like a wine taster.”

He also likes that his job is very rewarding, and he has the opportunity to build relationships and talk to people from all over the country.

“The Brisbane Markets is a great place to work – you can go anywhere with your career if you show initiative!”