There are a variety of businesses that access the Brisbane Produce Market as registered commercial buyers.

These businesses may be secondary wholesalers, provedores, independent greengrocers and other retailers, exporters, food processors, restaurateurs, caterers, and hotels.

There are over 1,000 registered fruit and vegetable buyers operating in the Brisbane Produce Market. Click here to find out how to become a commercial buyer at the Brisbane Produce Market.

Brismark offers a range of services to commercial buyers at the Brisbane Produce Market including:

  • Credit Service arrangements for buyers
  • Debt Recovery Solutions (DRS)
  • fuel cards
  • secretarial services
  • training and development
  • you’re A better choice! Retailer Program
  • industry representation.


Commercial Buyers

Learn more about becoming a commercial buyer.


Learn more about the services available to commercial buyers.

Brismark Credit Service

Learn more about Brismark’s Credit Service.


Benefits of Brismark Online for Buyers

Buyers who access Brismark online receive the following benefits:

  • ability to access invoices on the day of purchase (after 4pm).  This access ability is secure and can be done via smart phone anywhere, anytime
  • ability to lodge adjustment requests promptly and securely while providing a full audit trail
  • reconcile accounts and lodge discrepancies online
  • cheaper Credit Service weekly fees.

To learn more about Brismark Online click here, or contact the Credit Service on 07 3921 4280 or email [email protected]