There are more than 50 primary wholesalers who make up Brismark’s member base.

These independent businesses operate in the Brisbane Produce Market and compete for the same business. The competition ensures prices are based on supply and demand – and with pricing changing daily – buyers can always be assured of getting the best produce at competitive market prices. This is passed onto primary wholesalers’ customers or buyers such as independent retailers and secondary wholesalers or provedores.

As a member, primary wholesalers have access to a number of services including recruitment, Human Resources, and Work Health and Safety, training, venue hire, food safety, discount phone plans, fuel card offers, debt recovery, and credit services.

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Brismark Online

Brismark Members who access the Credit Service receive the following benefits:

  • save on the cost of printing invoices
  • provide better service to customers by facilitating the electronic provision of invoices to buyers on the day of purchase
  • allow buyers to use the website to send adjustment requests promptly, securely, and within a full audit trail
  • assist in generating cost savings by reducing data entry and filing costs for the wholesaler.

Brismark Members Directory

For a full list of Brismark’s members, visit the Brismark Members Directory.

Horticulture Produce Agreements

The new Horticulture Code of Conduct is now in force.

Horticulture growers and traders must comply with the Code. The Code applies to growers and traders. Traders can be either a merchant or an agent.

You can access information on the Horticulture Code of Conduct, and Horticulture Produce Agreements here.