Board of Directors

The board has ten non-executive directors who are elected by the shareholders (Brismark Members) for a term of two or three years.  Nominations are called for from shareholders and elections take place annually prior to the Annual General Meeting.  The secretary is appointed by the board and may be a Brismark employee. The secretary does not have to be a director or a member.

Brismark’s Current Board of Directors

Gary Lower

Chair Gary Lower
J Allen Pty Ltd

Noel Greenhalgh

Director Noel Greenhalgh
R W Pascoe Pty Ltd

Hamish Montague

Director Hamish Montague
Montague Fresh (Qld) Pty Ltd

Lachlan Armstrong

Director Lachlan Armstrong
Armstrong Brothers

Mark Murphy

Deputy Chair Mark Murphy
United Lettuce

Mark Clarke

Director Mark Clarke

Troy Beaton

Director Troy Beaton
HE Heather & Co

Stephen Edwards

Deputy Chair Stephen Edwards
Murray Bros

Mark Moore

Director Mark Moore
M&D Vegetable Specialists

Paul O-Toole

Director Paul O’Toole
O’Toole Produce


Brismark has formed committees to act in advisory capacities to the Brismark Board and they have been appointed in accordance with board policies.

Credit Service Committee

The Credit Service Committee oversees the operation of the Brismark Credit Service and makes recommendations to the board including changes to the Credit Service By-laws and Bad Debt Reserve payouts.

Junior Executive Committee

The Junior Executive Committee creates an opportunity to develop and mentor people interested in becoming a board director or who aspire to be in senior leadership positions as well as providing a means to engage with younger stakeholders on industry and organisational issues.

Other committees

Other committees are appointed from time to time to assist in addressing specific issues of importance to the organisation.

Managers and staff

Brismark has a dedicated team of approximately 20 people who are passionate about delivering services to support Brismark’s Members, the board, and associated businesses.

The Brismark Management Team

Andrew Young

Andrew Young
Chief Executive Officer

Joady Raph

Joady Raph
Corporate Services Manager

Sherin Buske

Sherin Buksh
Finance and ICT Manager

Lisa Dwyer

Lisa Dwyer
Business Service Manager

Karen Tilke

Karen Tilke
Business and Service Delivery Manager

Lara Giles

Lara Giles
Administration Manager