Brismark, or The Queensland Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries Co-Operative Limited, has a history dating back to 1941 when it was established as an association of fruit and vegetable wholesalers. It is governed by a Board of Directors and holds shares in Brisbane Markets Limited.

As a member organisation it actively lobbies on major industry issues such as the Horticulture Code of Conduct. It also offers a Credit Service facility that acts as a clearing house for its Members and associated businesses that operate within the Brisbane Produce Market (BPM) providing a secure, efficient and paperless means of conducting business within the BPM.

Brismark also provides Business Services to its Members and associated businesses including consultancy and advice in areas including human resources; industrial relations; Food Safety and Quality Assurance; Workplace Health and Safety; and recruitment services to help improve commercial performance as well as marketing and promotional programs and campaigns to help increase the awareness of the Brisbane Produce Market and encourage consumers to shop at their local fruit shop.


In the early years (circa early 1900’s) the Chamber Executive considered such matters as controlling the supply of produce on the black market and price-fixing associated with government-controlled marketing boards. It was also an advocate for market trading hours, congestion on roads and the provision of credit.  It supplemented its income by operating a selling floor and a shop.

The Queensland Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries Co-operative Limited (The Chamber) was formally established in 1941 following the Second World War, largely as a result of war related legislation.  Other notable milestones and achievements are outlined in the following timeline including relocating to Rocklea in 1964, establishing the Credit Service in 1973, adopting the trade-marked name Brismark in 1988, involvement in purchasing the Brisbane Markets in 2002, leading the debate on the mandatory Horticulture Code of Conduct (which continues today) and acquiring more than 30 percent of issued capital of Brisbane Markets Limited.


To provide representation and services to the primary wholesaling sector of the fruit and vegetable industry and to hold a strategic level of ownership in Brisbane Markets Limited.


The vision for Brismark is to:

  1. Represent the best interests of the wholesaling sector of the fruit and vegetable industry, the Brisbane Markets and the industry generally.
  2. Promote and support fruit and vegetable industry-based ownership of the Brisbane Markets.
  3. Retain a minimum level of 25 percent ownership of the issued capital of Brisbane Markets Limited.
  4. Support the effective operation, management and future development of the Brisbane Markets.
  5. Provide cost-effective services and support to primary wholesalers to assist them in operating efficiently and in accordance with their statutory obligations.
  6. Provide services and representation to other parties within the fruit and vegetable industry from time to time as appropriate.
  7. Promote the role and importance of Brismark, its Members, the Brisbane Markets and the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Collective ambition

Strengthening the viability of, and growing the Central Market through Brismark’s focus across four core areas:

  • Achieving 51% ownership of BML
  • Providing a wide range of relevant and valued services to Members and stakeholders
  • Increasing revenue streams through the provision of commercially viable services and investments
  • Providing initiatives which promote support for Central Market wholesalers