From humble beginnings to being part of a vital sector of the industry – Celebrating 75 years of Brismark.

The Queensland Chamber, or Brismark as it is now more commonly known, was formally established as an Association of fruit and vegetable wholesalers in 1941 (the name Brismark was developed in early 1989, and is an abbreviated version of “Brisbane Market” and “Brisbane Marketers”). This first move towards unity was largely prompted by the introduction of war related legislation. Wholesalers collectively had no input to this legislation, due to their lack of a representative voice.

This organisation first operated from premises located in the earlier wholesale fruit and vegetable Market, which was at the time located on the corner of Roma and Turbot Streets in what is today virtually the heart of Brisbane city.

A full time secretary was employed by the Executive from 1941, and the Chamber continued purely as a Trade Association until 1947/48, at which time it was registered as a Co-operative. In 1950, the Chamber purchased a vacant selling floor in Turbot Street, and commenced to seriously trade in Market requisites, this being the forerunner of Market Hardware, Market Packaging, and Market Stationery.

In the mid-to-late 50’s, it became heavily involved with the Government enquiry into the relocation of the Market. The relocation planning was fortunately substantially influenced by Chamber representatives at the time. The move to Rocklea promoted the negotiation of vastly improved hours, and the implementation of the Brisbane Market Award.

The 70’s saw some of the biggest changes to the financial side of the industry, with the introduction of a fixed Agent’s commission in 1971, the rate of which has not changed to date. Most defining was the introduction of a Credit Control Scheme on 1 July, 1973. Allowing Members a credit risk management function and a bad debt reserve has provided Members substantial security over the decades. This service continues to be the envy of Markets, both around Australia and overseas.

Part of a vital sector of the industry
Today, Brismark has 53 shareholder Member organisations, all of which are located in the Brisbane Market, together with a number of Associate Member organisations located in regional centres around Queensland. # are original Members who signed the registrar back in 1941.

Brismark continues to provide vital services to its Members such as industry representation, training, health and safety, employee recruitment, credit management and industry promotion. Brismark’s Board and Committees continue to provide strong industry leadership and a voice for its Members.

2016 – A Year to Celebrate
This year we will celebrate 75 years of The Queensland Chamber, and all the past and present Member organisations who helped make this achievement possible. We have a number of events planned throughout the year and we look forward to highlighting the wonderful stories, member organsiations and individuals that make up the colourful tapestry of Queensland’s central market wholesaling sector.