Brismark Member Workshops

Four workshops were held for Brismark Members in relation to the documentation required by traders (wholesalers) to be compliant with the new Horticulture Code of Conduct in their dealings with growers.

The workshops covered the process of customising the standard format documents Brismark is making available to suit members’ businesses. Brismark and Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) have been working closely with solicitors to develop these documents to be Code compliant and they have been reviewed by the ACCC.

The process of administering the issue of these documents in relation to each grower the wholesaler deals with and their acceptance of same is an important part of complying with the Code. Members do therefore need to ensure they have systems in place which allow them to readily confirm that their business has an accepted HPA and Schedule the HPA in place with each grower they do business with.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Brismark on (07) 3915 4222 or [email protected].

Are you Code Ready?

As discussed at the workshops, the next steps recommended in the process of using these documents are as follows:

  1. Request a copy of the documents (if you have not done so already, call Michael Costello on 3915 4222);
  2. Customise the standard Terms of Trade document to suit your business and provide a copy to Brismark (this will be published on the Brismark website so as to meet the requirements of the Code);
  3. Customise the HPA and Schedule to the HPA to suit your business and send a copy to each of your Growers;
  4. Ensure that you get each Grower who you deal with to confirm their acceptance by way of: a. A returned signed copy of the HPA/Schedule to the HPA; or b. Other documented acceptance (email, text, fax etc.).
  5. File and retain a copy of the HPA, Schedule to the HPA and evidence of agreement/acceptance from each Grower.