• How do I submit my resume?

    Apply via the link on the job listing you’re interested in. If there isn’t a particular role you’re applying for, then you can express your interest in working at the Brisbane Markets by emailing admin@brismark.com.au

  • I’ve submitted my CV. What next?

    Our team will review all applications and create a shortlist based on the job criteria. If you are shortlisted, then we would aim to communicate with you about the status of your application within two weeks. However, this may depend on the closing date of the role and number of applicants received.

  • What should I do if I haven’t heard back from an application?

    Due to high volume of roles and applications received, you will only be contacted directly if you are shortlisted for the role you applied for (or potential other roles within the Markets) within two weeks of your application. If you have not been contacted in this time frame you have been unsuccessful in your application for this particular role, however we encourage you to apply for any subsequent roles advertised where you think you might meet the criteria.

  • If I’m called in for an interview, what should I do to prepare?

    Brismark assists a number of employers in the Markets with recruitment. Therefore, once you are contacted regarding an interview, either directly by the business or by Brismark, it’s important to research the company and get a good understanding of what they do. If contacted by Brismark regarding an interview, we will provide details of the business. In addition, review the job listing and think about the questions you may be asked based on the job criteria. Think about your strengths, and how you would articulate them in a way that is relevant for the role. It’s also helpful to research typical interview questions for the role you’re applying for and prepare your answers.

  • What are the typical working hours?

    Most roles require an early start, with many forklift drivers starting their shifts between Midnight and 2am. Sales and admin staff usually start work between 4am and 6am. By late morning, most shifts have ended, giving you the opportunity to make the most of the day ahead.

  • What are the benefits of working at the Brisbane Markets?

    The Brisbane Markets offers opportunities to grow your career from the ground up. A wide range of entry-level roles can lead to more senior roles where you are able to develop your skills and expand your knowledge of the industry.

  • What kind of training and certification programs do you offer?

    Brismark offers a wide range of training courses to businesses who operate in the Brisbane Markets – from forklift licensing to food safety awareness, HACCP certification, first aid and more. Ask your potential employer about what training opportunities they would provide.

  • Can I work remotely?

    Remote working is unlikely as most roles at the Brisbane Markets require staff to be on site to undertake operational responsibilities.

  • Do I need special access to work at the Brisbane Markets?

    All staff that work in businesses at the Brisbane Markets need to undertake a site safety induction and be registered for an access pass with Brisbane Markets Limited. The majority of the Brisbane Markets is a secure site so an access pass will be required to undertake most jobs.