Brisbane Produce Report – 23 February 2024

With summer nearing its end we are seeing the start of new produce seasons, as well as great prices on kitchen and lunch box staples, all coming through the Brisbane Markets and into your local fruit and veg shop. Find out what’s in season and well-priced so you can eat well and save this week.

Our pick of the week is Butternut Pumpkin, coming from the Lockyer Valley. Butternuts are readily available and a great price, so you can use this versatile ingredient in soups, stews, roasts and even salads.

Also from the Lockyer Valley, Lebanese Cucumbers are affordable and abundant in the Brisbane Markets. Take advantage of the great prices and make some Sweet and Sour Pickled Cucumbers to save for later.

The price of Iceberg Lettuce from Stanthorpe has come down this week, so you can add a healthy crunch to salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Sweet Potatoes from Bundaberg are affordably priced. Whether baked, mashed, or roasted, they add a delicious and healthy element to any meal. For a fun snack, try these Sweet Potato Fritters.

Carrots are great value, coming in from Tasmania and Western Australia. Whether eaten raw, roasted, or added to soups and stews, Carrots are a nutritious and delicious vegetable.

New South Wales grown Avocados are creamy, rich and in good supply. A good source of healthy fats and nutrients, add some Avo to your salads, sandwiches, dips, smoothies and even desserts with this Chocolate Avocado Mousse recipe.

Tomatoes are abundant this week, with Gourmet, Roma and Truss Tomatoes coming in from Stanthorpe, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia. With so many varieties available, now is the time to experiment with sauces, salads, pasta dishes and more.

Bananas are growing well in North Queensland, are great eating and priced to clear. Not just popular for snacking, baking, and smoothies, Bananas are also a good source of potassium and other essential nutrients.

We are now into Gala Apple season, with a great supply of these crisp, sweet and juicy fruit coming out of Stanthorpe and Victoria. Gala Apples are part of the Pome family of fruits, and while they available and priced for snacking, other Pome fruits you’ll start to see this season include Quince from Stanthorpe and Pears from Stanthorpe and Victoria.

The stone fruit season may be slowing down, but you’ll still find delicious Flat Nectarines, Flat Peaches and Bluck Plums making their way from Victoria, through the Brisbane Markets and into your local fruit and veg shop for you to enjoy.

If you’re adventurous and looking to try something a little less common, the first Persimmons of the season have started coming in from the Northern Territory. These orange-coloured fruit are sweet yet earthy flavoured and can be used in desserts, salads and more.

We are also in the middle of the Mangosteen season, with this exotic fruit grown in North Queensland and very good eating this year.

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