Brisbane Produce Report – 24 November 2023

The seasons are changing, and as Spring turns to Summer we’re seeing new seasonal fruits coming through the Brisbane Markets, as well as shifts in the growing regions of staple household vegetables. Find out what’s in season at your local fruit and veg shop and take a culinary journey with some of our recipe inspirations.

Our pick of the week is Gold Sweet Potato from Bundaberg. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, Sweet Potato is in great supply and priced to sell. As well as being a good supply of vitamins B6, C, iron and magnesium, Sweet Potato is incredibly versatile, so think beyond Sweet Potato Mash or Fries, and start thinking about Smoothies, Bread Recipes and even Sweet Potato Brownies.

Another great value staple is Iceberg Lettuce, grown in both Stanthorpe and Darling Downs. With Continental Cucumber growing well in Bundaberg, Gatton, New South Wales and South Australia, you’ve got a really affordable start for some great salads.

Although parts of the Lockyer Valley were hit with some intense storms a couple of weeks ago, the Brisbane Markets sources produce from multiple growing regions throughout Australia. With Broccoli now coming in from Stanthorpe and unaffected areas of Gatton, as well as Baby Broccoli from Stanthorpe, prices are coming down again in your local fruit and veg shop.

There are currently overlapping growing regions producing Zucchini, with the North Queensland season just coming to an end and the Stanthorpe and Victorian seasons just starting, keeping this versatile vegetable affordable and in good supply. For a healthy Friday night noodle recipe, why not try this Beef Zucchini Noodle dish?

Victorian grown Asparagus is in season, great tasting and well-priced. Did you know that amongst vitamins A, C and iron, Asparagus is also a great source of chromium, a mineral that enhances blood sugar regulation? For something delicious and nutritious, try this Asparagus Cheese Bruschetta.

The fruit coming through Brisbane Market is very exciting this week as we’re seeing stone fruits in abundance and fantastic eating. Keep an eye out in your local fruit and veg shop for Yellow Peaches and White Nectarines from Victoria, and juicy Plums from Stanthorpe and Victoria. 

More and more Victorian and New South Wales grown Cherries are also coming through the market and they are plump, sweet and juicy this year. While they may be a traditional treat for your family at Christmas, Cherries can be eaten all summer long. Just try these Duck Tacos with Cherry Salsa.

Although the Sunshine Coast Strawberry season is slowing down, Stanthorpe, South Australian and Victorian growing regions are now picking. So you can add this healthy, tasty snack back to your shopping list and perhaps try these No-Bake Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes.

Just in time for summer, there are plenty of Melons coming through the Markets and on to your local fruit and veg shop. Keep an eye out for sweet and flavoursome Rock Melon and Honey Dew from Gatton and Bundaberg, as well as North Queensland Candy Melon.

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