Brisbane Produce Report – 9 June 2023

The cold weather has set in, and we are well into the winter harvest season. Shopping for seasonal produce ensures the fruit and vegetables you’re eating are fresh. Getting your fresh produce from your local fruit and veg shop, having sourced their fresh produce through the Brisbane Markets from thousands of growers across Australia is a great way to ensure you are purchasing the best quality and range available.

The pick of the week is Carrots. While this root vegetable is usually in good supply year-round, there is currently a great supply coming from the Lockyer Valley, bringing the price down to make Carrots the best value addition to winter meals. Loaded with vitamin A and beta-carotene, this versatile vegetable adds a sweet, earthy flavour. For a delicious vegetarian meal, try this Gochujang Roast Carrot Pasta.

There is a plentiful harvest of Cauliflower coming from Lockyer Valley, making this vegetable another healthy budget buy. Combine it with Broccoli, also affordable and coming in from Lockyer Valley, Stanthorpe and Bundaberg, to create this Spiced Chicken with Cauliflower and Broccoli Tabouli.

Cabbage is another Lockyer Valley leafy green growing well this winter. Well priced and packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, add it to this Sweet and Sour Port with Cabbage Slaw dish.

Coming in from Bundaberg and Bowen, Zucchini is bountiful and affordable. Zucchini has no cholesterol or unhealthy fats, contains more potassium than a Banana, and contains plenty of antioxidants. If loading up, check out these ideas for using up an abundance of Zucchini.

Bundaberg’s subtropical climate is also fantastic for growing Chilis, which are coming through the Brisbane Markets. Not just great for adding a bit of spicy heat to meals, Chilis are also high in vitamins A, B and C, and are believed to help boost collagen levels. Add a bit of spice to your diet with these Lemon and Chili Fish Parcels.

Lemons from Gin Gin are well priced and well stocked. Add a bit of zest with this quick and easy Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce and Broccoli recipe.

Green and Gold Kiwifruit varieties are in good supply and are full of tangy sweetness. Kiwifruit are dense in nutrition and fibre, so feel good about eating fresh as a tasty, low calorie snack, or combined with North Queensland Limes, which are also in season, to make a decadent Kiwifruit and Lime Pie,

Nashi Pears from Victoria are in season and coming through the Markets. This fruit tastes like and is technically, a Pear, though they’re round like an Apple. Nashis are great when used in deserts, fruit and cheese platters, or eaten fresh.

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