Brisbane Produce Report – 2 June 2023

Winter is officially here! Shopping for seasonal produce at your local fruit and veg shop is a great way to ensure the fruit and vegetables you’re eating are fresh. Stores sourcing produce through the Brisbane Markets are selecting the best quality and range from thousands of local growers.

With great growing conditions in Gatton and Toowoomba, our pick of the week is Cauliflower. This superfood is just what’s needed as the chilly weather sets in. Tasty, nutritious and full of health benefits, make the most of the ready supply with this Creamy Cauliflower Soup.

Broccoli from the Lockyer Valley is still well priced and in the middle of its harvest season. For a gourmet yet healthy meal, Broccoli and Halloumi Fritters are easy to prepare and can be eaten fresh or reheated.

Also from the Lockyer Valley, Cabbage is in great supply. Sugarloaf, Red and Green Cabbage are all known for being high in antioxidants and vitamin C, whilst low in calories. Fire up the oven for a winter meal of Salmon with Cabbage, Pecans and Bacon.

Packed with calcium, iron, vitamin C, dietary fibre and antibacterial properties, Ginger is a fantastic defence against colds in winter. Ginger has been growing well on the Sunshine Coast this season and is available at your local fruit and veg shop. Combine it with Lockyer Valley Carrots to make this hearty Spiced Carrot Soup with Ginger Raita.

Want to try something different? Taro is a root vegetable originally from the South Pacific Islands, currently in good supply from Mareeba. Taro are a great source of vitamins A and C, dietary fibre and complex carbohydrates. They can be used in much the same way as a potato, so think roasting, boiling, mashing or add them to a nutritious, winter stew.

Although the Shepard Avocado season has started, North Queensland is still producing Hass Avocados for some wonderful abundance from the crossover. Take advantage of the longer Avocado season and add this versatile fruit to all kinds of meals, such as this Chicken and Avocado Blended Burger recipe.  

The Queensland season of Strawberries has started, so expect to see this delicious fruit in growing supply from Caboolture, Elimbah and Wamuran. When buying Strawberries, look out for full coloured punnets, which have a more intense flavour.

Citrus season is in full swing, and with North Queensland, Marlborough and Gayndah all producing good crops of Imperial Mandarins, this fruit should be in every kitchen. While they’re a great snack rich in vitamin C, Mandarins can also be used in plenty of savoury and desert dishes. For a sweet treat, try your hand at these Mandarin Ginger Tarts.

With their crisp texture and sweet flavour, Gala Apples are a wonderful winter favourite in great supply from Stanthorpe. Enjoy them fresh, slice them into salads, or bake them into a comforting Apple Crumble that will warm your soul.

The Dragon Fruit season would normally be over by this time of year, but this exotic fruit is still coming in from North Queensland. By sourcing this fruit from multiple growing regions, the Brisbane Markets have managed to stretch out the availability longer than usual.

There has been a good supply of seedless Lemons this week from South Australia. Lemons are an excellent way to dodge illness, giving you a boost in vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants. Feel like desert but haven’t prepared anything? This Lemon Mug Cake is a quick, zesty and easy cake-for-one you can make in the microwave.

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