Brisbane Produce Report – 28 April 2023

With a long weekend on the horizon, it’s a great opportunity to pop into your local fruit and veg shop and see the abundance of delicious, seasonal produce available which has been sourced from the Brisbane Markets! Choosing seasonal produce means you are not only getting the very best quality, but you can be sure it’s grown right here in Australia and travelled a shorter distance to get to you. It can be bittersweet seeing your favourite seasonal fruit or veg end its season, but it is always exciting to see the changing colours and tastes of new season produce!

Our pick of the week is Zucchini from Bundaberg.A light and refreshing vegetable with a low-calorie count and no cholesterol or unhealthy fats, Zucchini is the perfect way to balance out a heavy meal this week. Large Zucchinis tend to spoil quicker, so to keep them for longer, be sure to look for ones no more than 8 inches in length with part of the stem still intact. Get the kids in the kitchen this weekend and indulge in this easy Zucchini Ricotta Pizza.

Brussels Sprouts are an Autumn favourite, with Victorian and South Australian seasons now starting. Brussels Sprouts sometimes get a bad reputation, but it’s time to fall in love with them – the best way to enjoy Brussels Sprouts is to get a good amount of heat into them, either by grilling, roasting, or barbecuing! They are also delicious raw to really enjoy the wonderful, fresh flavour. Try this recipe of Roast and Raw Brussels Sprouts for a salad that will have the whole family enjoying Brussels Sprouts again!

Cheap and highly nutritious, Cabbage from the Lockyer Valley is a great pick at your local fruit and veg shop. With a wealth of fibre and vitamin C, Cabbage is the perfect option for cooler weather. Use up your Cabbage in salads and savoury pancakes or try your hand at preserving it in Sauerkraut.

Broccoli from the Lockyer Valley is still great value as well. Vitamin rich and packed with nutrients, Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables around, and with a satisfying crunch and fresh flavour, it isn’t difficult to understand its popularity! Add some greens to your dinner plate or meal-prep for lunches with a Broccoli and Kale Pesto Pasta.

Spice up your meals with the addition of Sunshine Coast Ginger this week! Ginger is known for its distinct taste and antibacterial properties, making it a delicious way to keep healthy through the colder weather. Try steeping it in hot water to make a herbal tea, or grate and candy it for use in sweet treats like these Australian Gingernut Cookies.

Citrus season is coming along nicely, with Navel Oranges and Imperial Mandarins from Gayndah starring this week. Located just west of Bundaberg in the Burnett region, Gayndah is Queensland’s citrus capital, owing to its drier and sunny climate and rich alluvial soils creating the ideal environment for citrus fruits to thrive. Celebrate the flavours of this region’s citrus alongside the biennial Gayndah Orange Festival this weekend by making these Tangy Orange Muffins!

If you’re searching for an easy lunchbox filler, look no further than North Queensland Bananas at your local fruit and veg shop. Bananas are, of course, the perfect snack when ripe, but be sure not to overlook their potential in baking too! For a seasonal twist on an old classic, try baking Rhubarb Banana Bread.

Introduce some variety to your trolley this week by picking up some Western Australian Pomegranates. Pomegranate seeds can be used as dessert toppings, while the pulp can be pressed to make juice for jellies, salad dressings and syrups. Pomegranate pairs well with desserts, however can also find a place at the dinner table with this Chicken Fillet with Pomegranate Glaze.

For a delicious snack this week, try the different Apples and Pears available from the Granite Belt, Stanthorpe and Shepparton. Apples and Pears with rich, full colours have tastier flavours due to absorbing more sunlight, so select fruits that will add colour to your plate!  These Mini Apple Hand Pies are a delicious treat as a dessert or make a great lunchbox filler!

Persimmon is great value this week. This honey-like fruit will quickly become a seasonal family favourite with a deep flavour profile and great versatility. Try these Persimmon Muffins for a great way to use up this delicious fruit!

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