Brisbane Produce Report – 24 February 2023

As we reach the halfway mark of the first school term, we still have plenty of delicious options for the school lunch box and mid-week meal. While some produce is coming to the end of their summer growing season and autumn is approaching, we see more varieties of fresh fruit and veg making their way into your local independent fruit and veg shop.

Our pick of the week is Dragon Fruit. Now at the peak of its season, Dragon Fruit from greater Brisbane, Lockyer Valley, Gympie, Bundaberg and North Queensland is perfect for eating. Available in yellow, red and pink varieties, Dragon Fruit has a white inside with black seeds and a colourful outer layer.  It tastes something like a cross between a Pear and a Kiwifruit. Add some pieces to a fruit salad or try this colourful Dragon Fruit and Banana Smoothie.

Did you get to try a delicious hand full of Lychees this Summer? Now is your last chance to enjoy these sweet little jewels from Landsborough which are in their final weeks – once they’re gone, they’re gone! Enjoy Lychees alone as a refreshing, sweet snack or add to drinks or curries for a sweet kick. Spice things up with a Cucumber and Lychee Sour.

Rich with antioxidants and mood-boosting vitamins A, C and K, Plums from Stanthorpe and Victoria are a great option this week. Several varieties are now available, including yellow and red-fleshed varieties, and smaller sugar plums. Take your pick at your local fruit and veg shop this week! Why not whip up this Plum and Peach Bruschetta with these wonderful seasonal favourites!

Keep your eye out for new-season Gala Apples from Stanthorpe. These juicy, crisp and crunchy Apples are now at their best quality. Why not make the most of their freshness and have them centre stage in a delicious dessert of Whole Roasted Apples.

Figs are a beautiful fruit with a delicate texture and flavour from Bundaberg. To select ripe Figs, look for sweet-smelling fruit that gives a little when pressed and is generally soft. Indulge in Figs in everyday life this week with these Fig & Banana Overnight Oats which are super easy to make and are the perfect way to brighten up your morning.

Shepard Avocados are just starting to come into season from North Queensland and are a great option for the lull in supply of Hass varieties. Unlike Hass Avocados, Shepard Avocados remain green when they’re ripe, so don’t overlook these green avos! They also remain green once cut so keep your guacamole green for longer with Shepard Avocados!

Wombok and Silverbeet from Stanthorpe, Gatton and the greater Brisbane area is still appearing in your local fruit and veg shop. Silverbeet is a dark green, glossy leafed vegetable, and can be used in stir-fries and curries. Wombok, or Chinese Cabbage as it is also known, has light green and white leaves and is perfect for a coleslaw dish.

Large, Bundaberg Sweet Potatoes are in abundance at your local fruit and veg shop. A brilliant staple, Sweet Potatoes can be enjoyed in roasts, bakes, warm salads, pastas or curries. Pair with Lentils and Spinach in this Lamb and Sweet Potato Bake

Green Beans from Stanthorpe are in season now and in good supply. These crispy, crunchy, green immature pods are very versatile. Used in salads and stir-fries or simply steamed and dressed with lemon and olive oil, beans are an easy “go to” option.

North Queensland Corn is a great option this week, and in great supply. Fresh, colourful and crunchy, Corn with brighten up any weeknight meal. If you’re entertaining or just looking for something new to try, make these Corn Ribs for the family this week.

Add mountains of flavour to your weekly meals with fresh local Brisbane herbs from your local fruit and veg shop. They have had perfect weather conditions to flourish so there is no shortage of Coriander, Parsley, Basil, Rosemary, Mint or Chives. Adding flavour to your dishes is endless with these choices. 

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