The wholesale industry is still facing a few supply issues around the country, however your local fruit and veg shops are keeping up with demand, with shelves full of fresh produce.

Summer stone fruits, mainly coming from southern states are tasting delicious at the moment. Keep an eye out for yellow-fleshed nectarines, white and yellow peaches, and plums, which are all great eating and very affordable! There are so many great ways to use fruit, try your hand at these Pulled Chicken & Peach Soft Tacos, or for those with a sweet tooth try these Plum & Coconut Icy Poles!

There are plenty of cherries still available and tasting great coming from Tasmania. Look for brightly coloured, glossy fruit with green stems still attached. Get in quick before the season is over!

We’re also seeing lots of locally grown limes from Mareeba in North Queensland, perfect as an addition to drinks, salad dressings or in sweets! If you plan on taking advantage of the summer weather with seafood this weekend, we recommend our Grilled Pacific Prawns with Lime Ginger Marinade to please your friends!

Hass avocados coming from Western Australia are good value, perfect as we make out way back into the work weeks as a healthy breakfast option or chopped up and tossed into a salad! We are loving our Strawberry, Avocado & Basil Salad as a perfect little summer number.

We are also starting to see achacha become available, grown in far North Queensland. Haven’t heard of it before? achacha is a small egg-shaped fruit with a small seed in the centre. It has a beautifully sweet and tart flavour, almost like sorbet! We recommend picking some up if you see some on your next visit to your local fruit and veg shop!

Lychees coming from North Queensland are also still available, and currently at their best price and quality. Choose fruit that is firm and springy, with red or pink skin. Store lychees in the fridge for up to a week, or you can even freeze them for up to six months. Use lychees in fruit salads, drinks, and desserts. For a simple dessert, serve peeled and deseeded lychees with a vanilla bean sugar syrup and ice-cream.

There are plenty of vegetables available including iceberg lettuce and beans out of the Lockyer Valley and eggplants from southern states. With so many alternative ways to use eggplant, we’re loving these Eggplant Croquettes.

Carrots from Kalbar and spring onions from Lockyer Valley are in good supply, as well as Asian leafy greens such as bok choy and choy sum coming from a combination of Queensland growers and Victoria. Try this Calamari with bok choy for a refreshing summer recipe that everyone will love this weekend!

There are some lines being affected by labour shortages at the moment in some areas. These include broccoli, cauliflower, celery, leek, sugarloaf cabbage and mushrooms.

This week’s top pick is grapes coming from Emerald, with both white and red seedless varieties readily available as the season comes to its peak. Expect super juicy flesh at a great price!

Head to your local fruit and veg shop to see this week’s seasonal produce. The best way to shop and cook is to follow the seasons and be sure to ask your local fruit and veg shop if you have any questions about what’s in season!

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