There are plenty of seasonal summer fruits and vegetables available as we lean into the tail end of summer. This week at your local fruit and veg shop, you can expect to find a wide variety of fresh produce from all around the country.

Our feature of the week is Cherries as word on the cherry vine, (yes we know cherries don’t grow on vines) is there’s only around four weeks left to enjoy this beautiful summer fruit! Supply is still strong mainly from Tasmania and good value currently. With Cherry season almost over, we suggest you get in quick to snap up the last of this season’s Cherries. If you’re chasing a sweet summer snack with Cherries, you could try our Cherry Slice to make the most of them.

Grapes are reaching their peak this week, as varieties including Menindee, Ralli, Flame, Black Muscat, Seedless and Midnight Beauty all begin to hit shelves coming out of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. There are also plenty of Sultana Grapes in stores, which are a smaller variety. When selecting sultana grapes look for ones that are yellow as they are riper and sweeter. Grapes are great to snack on alone, or as an accompaniment to cheese, or you could try them in a drink, like our Grape Summer Punch, but you can’t beat frozen grapes as a summer snack.

Summer stone fruits are still in excellent supply, with plenty of Plums coming from Stanthorpe, whilst Peaches, and Nectarines are mainly coming from Victoria around Swan Hill.

Mangoes coming from North to Central Queensland are still available in several varieties, including Kensington Pride, Keitt, Honey Gold, and R2E2. There are also plenty of Passionfruit coming from North Queensland at a good price. We love using Passionfruit in desserts, like our Passionfruit Slice.

Lychees from Mareeba are still great, and lower in price than previous weeks. Another summer favourite, Watermelon coming from Chinchilla in the Western Downs region, is great on these hot days! Make the most of in-season Watermelon in our Tomato and Watermelon Salad.

In vegetables this week we have plenty of Capsicum from Stanthorpe and Chillies from South Australia available for all our lovers of spice. There are also great quality Eggplants available from Victoria and South Australia, with plenty of options for cooking. This week you could try our Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza for a spin on a classic.

Pesto lovers rejoice as there is an abundance of locally grown fresh Basil from South East Queensland available at your local fruit and veg shop. You could try something new and make our Strawberry and Basil Cooler for a refreshing summer drink with a twist! Or keep it classic and make our favourite Basil Pesto, great for pasta or on toast.

Snake Beans are still good this week, as well as Broccoli. Try something new this week and make this Broccoli Slaw for dinner.

There are also great quality locally grown Zucchinis coming out of Bundaberg and Stanthorpe available at your local fruit and veg shop, and with plenty of great ways to use this versatile veg, you’d be silly not to pick some up.

Head to your local fruit and veg shop to see this week’s seasonal produce. The best way to shop and cook is to follow the seasons and be sure to ask your local fruiterer if you have any questions about what’s in season.

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