With Autumn right around the corner, it’s time to pick up some excellent quality produce to cater for the mid-season shifts in temperature. Whether you’re in the mood for something warm and cosy, or something fresh and vibrant, your local fruit and veg shop has you sorted with a wide selection of fruit and veg this week.

Our pick of the week is Pears! Pears from Stanthorpe and Victoria are the perfect example of an excellent, trans-seasonal fruit, which are great for cosy, warm sweets. You could poach them and serve with ice cream, or match them with other fruits and bake them into a pie or galette – our favourite combo is a Pear and Blueberry Galette. Alternatively, Pears are perfect as an inclusion in a fresh salad for a boost of crunch and sweetness. Try out this Pear, Fig and Goat Cheese Salad this weekend!

Other fruits you will find in good supply and quality at your local fruit and veg shop this week are Keitt Mangoes from Mareeba, and Grapes coming from Robinvale Victoria. Bananas from North Queensland are in a healthy supply. Add them to your morning cereal or whip up tasty desserts such as cakes, tarts, and muffins. You will also find other locally grown tropical fruits such as Pineapple from the Sunshine Coast, Pawpaw from Mareeba, and Custard Apples from Gympie available this week.

Shepard Avocados coming from Mareeba are also in great supply. With a variety of uses from spreading on toast, using as a substitute in desserts, or adding to salads, Avocados are a great pick! Why not grab some this week and make your own Avocado and Salmon Sushi Rolls!

Stone fruits such as Plums and Peaches out of Victoria are all of excellent quality. Pick some up this week!

After some delicious veggies this week? Pick up some beautiful Truss Tomatoes from Victoria and New South Wales. Perfect for anything from salad to pasta, truss tomatoes are currently good value and excellent quality. For something to warm you up, make your own Tomato Soup in a Crusty Bread Bowl!

Other veggies that are in abundance this week include Zucchini from Stanthorpe and Victoria, Eggplant from Victoria and Pumpkin from Gatton. All perfect for roasting or grilling for salads or sides, these are delicious options for this week’s dinners.

After greens? Pick up some locally grown Cucumbers from Brisbane with several varieties such as baby, lebanese, continental and apple. Broccoli from Victoria and Brisbane, Beans from Tasmania and Victoria, or Celery from South Australia and Victoria also offer a great choice. In the mood for stir-fry? Grab a variety of Asian Leafy Greens, including Victorian grown Bok ChoyChoy SumGai Lum or Kang Kong for a boost of delicious greens this week!

Support your local fruit and veg shop for better quality, freshness, and service. Remember to shop with the season and excite your tastebuds with new fruit and veg you might not have tried before! Your local greengrocers are experts on all things fruit and veg, and have a wealth of knowledge, so be sure to chat with them when you’re in-store!

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