Around the country the cooler weather is certainly making an appearance, leaving us craving cosy meals once the sun goes down. There is an abundance of excellent quality fruit and vegetables this week at your local fruit and veg shop, and if you know what to look for you can save a lot of money when you choose produce that is in season.

Pick of the week is Imperial Mandarins from South Burnett Region! Mandarins are a delicious source of vitamins A, B, and a high level of vitamin C which is great for preventing infections and supporting skin health. The vitamin C found in mandarins works to stop colds and keep your immune system functioning properly so you can fight off any nasty bugs that come your way! Try this quick and easy Roasted Mandarin & Beetroot Salad this week for a delicious idea.

Victorian grown Pears are making their way onto shelves at your local fruit and veg shop, even better that they’re an excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fibre, and so easy to pack for a snack! Choose William, Packham and Beurre Bosc for the best of this season’s Pears.

Pineapples out of Beerwah and Yeppoon are a special treat you might find at your local fruit and veg shop. Apples from Victoria and Stanthorpe are always a great option for the kids’ lunchbox or a crisp fruit salad as a sweet snack! Pick up Fuji and Delicious varieties this week for that extra crunch.

Victorian grown Pomegranates, Custard Apples from Mareeba and Chestnuts from Victoria are some new season treats you’ll find this week. Grapes from Victoria continue to be abundant, so be sure to grab some this week.

Tomatoes from South Australia and Brisbane are in abundance at the moment, with Cherry and Truss in excellent quality. Between these two, you’ve got a tomato for any occasion! After a new favourite snack? Try out these Charred Tomatoes with Yoghurt, this recipe will delight your tastebuds and your guests!

Don’t know what to do with fresh Beetroot out of Tasmania and GattonPop it in the trolley this week and try out these Red Velvet Beetroot Pancakes for striking pink pancakes the kids will love!

Olives from Victoria and Autumn go together like Tomato and Basil! If you’re lucky, and up for the task, try pickling your own Olives this season! You’ll be the envy of all your friends!

Pumpkin out of Gatton continues to be in good supply and Sweet Potato from Bundaberg is of excellent quality, and in good supply. Buy your Pumpkins whole for a better deal, and a perfect excuse to make a large batch of soup. Why not celebrate Sweet Potato for dinner this week and try our Loaded Sweet Potato Boats, packed with Chickpeas and Kale to seal the deal.

Victorian grown Baby Broccoli and Baby Cauliflower are an excellent choice this week, as they’re easy to prepare and have a delicious, subtle flavour. They’re both quite versatile, whether you’re charring, steaming, frying, the sky’s the limit for these baby veg!

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