April is here, and for most of us that means another holiday season is approaching. Whether you celebrate Easter, Ramadan or Passover, food is what brings everyone together. As we head into this Autumn season of feasting, knowing what’s available in your local fruit and veg shop makes preparing for your celebrations easier. By selecting produce that is in season, and in excellent quality, you can entertain your friends and family, even on a budget.

Our pick of the week is locally grown Eggplant from Bundaberg. Eggplants are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from quite small round fruits with striped white and purple exterior, such as Graffiti Eggplant, to the eggplants that are most common, Globe Eggplants which have a deep purple colour and are quite large. Eggplant can be used in a variety of ways, whether you bake it, fry it, roast it, it’s delicious every which way! Particularly good as a dip in the form of Baba Ghanoush, or cut in half and stuffed to celebrate the eggplant like these Stuffed Eggplants, there’s so much to love!

We are spoilt for choice at the moment with new-season fruit offerings including beautiful eating Custard Apples from Mareeba and glorious Pomegranates from Victoria. Other fruity buys include Strawberries from South Australia, and Australian Valencia Oranges from South Australian and New South Wales.

North Queensland Bananas out of Innisfail and Tully are in excellent supply, and taste incredible! Packed with Potassium, we love this fruit as a perfect snack to take on the go! Want to do more with your Bananas? Make these Blueberry, Banana and Pepita Oat Bars for a fruity muesli snack that will make for a healthy bout of baking.

For those of you who are wanting to try something new, keep an eye out for Feijoa from Stanthorpe, which have quite a short season, but are well worth the wait! They have a similar flavour to pineapple or quince and are eaten in a similar way to kiwifruit! Aussie Kiwifruit coming from Victoria is also starting to make an appearance at your local fruit and veg shop, so keep an eye out for them!

The market is well-supplied with Garlic from Mildura, Ginger from Yandina, and Victoria grown Kale. Other vegetable offerings include locally grown Asparagus and Cucumber. We are also seeing Victoria grown Spaghetti Squash coming into season, which, once cooked, you can rake a fork through the flesh to achieve a spaghetti-like look! Keep an eye out for it this week and give it a try!

Guac fans rejoice as locally grown Shepard Avocadoes from Mareeba are in excellent supply at the moment, and what better way is there to celebrate these green and gold fruits than by making a zesty Guacamole! Be sure to pick some up this week, along with some delicious Limes or Lemons out of the Central Burnett region, whichever is your zesty citrus of choice! (Or you could get both, because why not!)

The very best thing about the humble Potato from Thorpdale is its versatility, and with so many varieties to choose from, you can be sure to have a potato for every occasion! Head into your local fruit and veg shop and try out the different varieties on offer this week!

Choose to shop at your local fruit and veg shop, where you can be guaranteed a better choice for quality, freshness and service. Your local fruit and veg shop is a knowledge bank of all things fresh produce, so make sure to ask them any questions about what’s in season, and the best ways to prepare the produce they have on offer!

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