With our quick and easy guide to what’s in season, it’s a great opportunity to make a positive impact in your community by supporting local families and businesses. Choosing seasonal produce means you are not only getting the very best quality, but you can be sure it’s grown right here in Australia and travelled a shorter distance to get to you. It can be bittersweet seeing your favourite seasonal fruit or veg end its season, but it is always exciting to see what’s new in season at your local fruit and veg shop!

Our pick of the week is Lemons out of the Central Burnett region, and we couldn’t be happier with this tangy fruit. Lemons are an essential ingredient in most cooking, and just a squeeze of the juice can add so much flavour to a dish that is lacking acidity. Not to mention, lemons are the perfect dessert hero, whether you’re making a classic like Lemon tart, or something a bit different like our Lemon Tiramisu, there are so many reasons to put Lemons in your shopping basket this week!

Persimmons from Stanthorpe and Mareeba are a perfect autumn treat with a delicate flavour that’s not too sweet and a delicious, almost jelly-like consistency. They’re rich in vitamin C, so they’re perfect for fighting off a cold. They won’t be around for long, so be sure to pick some up from your local fruit and veg shop while they’re in season. Another one of our favourites, Innisfail-grown Papaya will melt in your mouth. With a slight sweetness and buttery texture, it’s a great addition to dinner salads or a perfect snack.

Remember that autumn is the time for delicious Victoria-grown Apples and Pears. You will find a wide variety available at your local fruit and veg shop of excellent quality and at a good price again this week. Whether you’re after a tasty snack, or in the mood for baking, be sure to pick some up! Figs out of Stanthorpe and Gatton are coming to the end of their season, so be sure to pick up some of these beauties while they’re still around. Want to spoil a special loved one? Make a delicious breakfast of Fig and Ricotta French Toast!

For a boost of potassium in your diet, be sure to pick up some Bananas from Innisfail in this week’s shop. If you want to get the kids involved in a fun recipe, we recommend these Banana Sushi Rolls for a tasty afternoon treat.

Delicious new-season Fennel out of Victoria makes for a perfect addition to your shop this week, delivering a delightful pop of flavour to your meals. Take comfort food to a new level with our Roasted Fennel Linguine for a meal that the whole family will love. Get your hands on some locally grown Mushrooms from the Sunshine Coast this week. Mushrooms are a delicious meat substitute in most dishes, as they have a fleshy texture, and add a delicious umami flavour to your meals! Try out these Mushroom and Parmesan Bites for a great snack to bake with the kids.

Locally grown Broccoli is in good supply this week. Rich in vitamins C and K, it’s a versatile ingredient and addition to any meal of the day. If you want to impress family and friends, give these quick and easy Broccoli Fritters a go!

Zucchini out of Bundaberg is a great option to add to your shopping basket and makes a great addition to roast dinners, or even as substitutes to pasta in lasagne! Try out our Zucchini Lasagne for a dish that not only looks delicious but is tasty and full of fresh veg straight from your local fruit and veg shop.

Commonly known as Queensland’s salad bowl, Gatton produces a wide range of fruit and vegetables. This week’s top picks from Gatton are red and green CabbagePumpkin and Carrots.

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