The unpredictable weather has impacted the availability of some Queensland-grown produce you’ll find at your local fruit and veg shop this week, but there’s still a great range of high-quality options from regions less-affected by the rain and other states.

Our pick of the week is Quince from South Australia. Quince is at peak supply in autumn, so now’s the best time to get your hands on this delicious fruit. Historically a symbol of love, happiness and fertility in Greek culture, this large golden fruit is best baked or boiled – just like this delicious Quince Marmalade. As with the ancient Greeks, we think you’ll love it!

You may be surprised to see Rambutan from Daradgee at your independent retailer this week. A surprise crop of this tropical fruit means that you can enjoy this summer delicacy in the middle of autumn. Apart from their psychedelic aesthetic and delicious taste, Rambutan can flush out toxins to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Avocado season is upon us, with Hass Avocados from Walkamin and Bundaberg in moderate supply this week. The rain has affected harvest, but over the coming fortnight, you can expect to find a heavy supply in store. The Hass Avocado has a rich creamy flesh and buttery flavour. Sodium and cholesterol-free, Avocados contain just 6 grams of unsaturated fat per serving, making for a great guilt-free pleasure.

It’s hard to miss the wide range of citrus fruit available currently, with most Queensland-grown supply coming from the North Burnett region. This week’s citrus star is Seedless Lemons from Mundubbera. Limes from the Far North Queensland town of Mareeba also deserve special mention. Whilst both fruit share almost identical health benefits and an acidic sour taste, Lemons tend to be sweeter than Limes.

Kiwifruit from Victoria is in good supply this week, with the season just starting up. Gold and green varieties of the fruit are great lunchbox snacks. If you’re after a meat free meal full of flavour, this Kiwifruit Golden Bowl is a winner!

Victoria-grown CarrotsCeleryLeek and Baby Spinach is making up for the short supply from some Queensland towns badly affected by rain. Gatton, usually a key supplier of vegetable staples, has been impacted by particularly wet ground in recent weeks. Lettuce from Gatton is a notable exception, with moderate supply of this widely used salad ingredient.

Tomatoes and Chillies out of Bundaberg are great picks this week. They’re in good supply and complement each other in dishes – like this Avocado and Chilli Tomato Soup. If you’re activating soup mode this month, Butternut and Kabocha Pumpkins from New South Wales are readily available in-store and are a soup lover’s dream!

This weekend, vote for quality, freshness and service by supporting your local fruit and veg shop. It’s a better choice! CloseAllGeneral NewsProduce ReportsMedia ReleasesFlower MarketFresh SourceCorporate

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