Get excited to cook this week with an excellent variety of fresh produce lining the shelves of your local, independent A better choice! fruit and veg retailer! We encourage you to try something new this week – whether it’s a new fruit or vegetable, or a delicious new recipe.

Even more exciting is that Iceberg Lettuce from Gatton will start making its comeback this week! After months of low supply due to earlier weather events, it’s coming back in good supply and prices are heading down making it our pick of the week. Lettuce is one of the most widely used salad vegetables and is available in a variety of colours, shapes, and flavours. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin A. Try something different with this Winter Italian Chopped Salad recipe.

A good supply of Broccoli and Cauliflower out of the Lockyer Valley are also still available this week. Broccoli is high in calcium, iron, and potassium to aid in a healthy immune system and support a healthy diet. Cauliflower is also one of the healthiest vegetables around and is packed with vitamins and minerals and anti-inflammatory properties. Usually having the appearance of white Broccoli, Cauliflower can also come in hues of yellow and purple. Pick some up from your local fruit and veg retailer and feel reinvigorated with this oldie but goodie Broccoli and Cauliflower Bake!

Full of healthy fats and vitamins and still in abundance, Avocados from Southeast Queensland should be in your shop this week! Nothing beats a simple Avocado on toast for a quick and easy breakfast to get you started for the day. Want to ripen up your Avocado quicker? Place it in a paper bag and leave on the countertop. This will produce ethylene gas that will help the fruit to ripen faster so you can eat your Avocado sooner!

You will see more Tomatoes from Bundaberg and Stanthorpe hitting the shelves of your local independent fruit and veg retailer this week. Tomato is a close relative to potato, capsicum, and eggplant. Technically a fruit but used more often as a vegetable, Tomatoes are ideal in salads or as a sandwich filling. They are also delectable in soups, stews and casseroles and the base for many yummy sauces and dressings. If you are looking for something new to try, then check out this Charred Tomatoes with Yogurt recipe.

Pears from Victoria are a delicious option for a refreshing snack. Perfectly crisp and sweet in flavour, Pears are wonderful alone or as a topping on your favourite breakfast! Make the most of Pears this weekend and make this delightful Rhubarb and Pear Crumble.  If you are after something a little more local, then why not pick up some Applethorpe Sundowner Apples from your local fruit and veg retailer and try this Apple and Rhubarb Crumble.

Citrus season is still upon us, and with plenty to choose from, there’s no reason not to pick some up this week! Choose from a selection of Tangelo, Mandarins, Blood Oranges and Navel Oranges for a citrus to suit every occasion! Passionfruit out of Mareeba is also of high quality this week. Pick some up and feed your sweet tooth with this Passionfruit Slice.

For something a little bit different, why not try some Piel De Sapo from Gumlu? Originally from Spain, its name comes from its frog skin-like appearance. Piel De Sapo is like a Honey Dew Melon in taste and resembles Watermelon in appearance and smell. It’s great eating on its own or in a fruit salad.

Your local A better choice! fruit and veg retailer hand picks their produce from the Brisbane Markets® at Rocklea which comes from thousands of local farms. Why not call in and see your local A better choice! retailer this week for the best quality, choice, freshness, and service available!

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