Now that we’re officially into the second half of the year, it’s a great opportunity to assess your goals and make half year resolutions. If you have aspirations of eating healthier and making a greater impact in your community, supporting your local fruit and veg shop is a great place to start!

Our pick of the week is Grapefruit from Mundubbera and Gayndah. Widely available at this time of year, Grapefruit are known for their sweet yet tangy flavour and are full of nutrients that help improve blood pressure and heart health. If you’re after an immune booster, our Grapefruit, Carrot and Apple Juice may be just what you need.

Pomelo from Mission Beach in the Cassowary Coast region is in season, so now’s your chance to try this exotic fruit. The world’s largest citrus fruit, Pomelo is closely related to Grapefruit but is sweeter in flavour. When choosing Pomelos, look for shiny, unblemished skin.

Jala Avocados from the Sunshine Coast are the supersized Avocados you need to try. Weighing around 1kg on average, they’re appropriately nicknamed ‘avozillas’, and may be available in limited supply at your local fruit and veg shop this week. In contrast, Hass Avocados from Mount Binga are in abundance right now and weigh around 200g – a fraction of the larger-than-life Jala.

Packham Pears from Victoria are in excellent supply this week. With their deliciously sweet flavour, they’re a perfect winter snack. Our recipe for Pear and Burrata Walnut Salad is a dish that will impress even the harshest food critics.

Pineapples from Bundaberg, Papaya from Innisfail, and Bananas from Mareeba are in good supply year-round. Perfect smoothie ingredients, these fruits are rich in vitamins and have great health benefits. If you want a delicious breakfast on the run, our Papaya and Banana Smoothie will fill you up and keep you fuelled for hours.

Toowoomba-grown Cauliflower is widely available at your local independent retailer this week. Considered one of the healthiest vegies, 100g of Cauliflower has 80% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. When buying Cauliflower, look for heads that are firm and tightly closed, with minimal dark spots.

After months of supply issues, things are slowly but surely improving in Gatton. BroccoliWombok and Shallot from the Lockyer Valley region town are steadily increasing in supply. These leafy greens are packed with minerals, vitamins and fibre, helping reduce the risks of obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Carrots from South Australia and Western Australia are of great quality and supply at your local fruit and veg shop this week. Rich in vitamins and antioxidant compounds, Carrots can help support immune function and eye health. Try our Carrot Soup recipe for a meal that is healthy and delicious.

Sweet Potato from Bundaberg is a budget-friendly vegie that you’ll find in good supply throughout the year. A great source of potassium and beta carotene, Sweet Potato promotes gut health and an improved immune system. Our recipe for Sweet Potato, Kale and Peanut Soup is a divine winter dish that your family and friends will love.

If you have fresh produce related questions, your local independent retailer has the knowledge and skills to help. They’re passionate about helping individuals and families in their communities improve their health and access high quality fruit and vegetables at affordable prices. That’s why shopping local is A better choice!

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