Brisbane Produce Report – 14 June 2024

The cold weather has set in and we’re seeing classic winter harvests come through the Brisbane Markets. Visit your local fruit and veg shop this week to find fresh, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and other winter, seasonal produce at great prices.

Our pick of the week is Green Beans, as there’s a plentiful supply coming out of the Lockyer Valley that are good eating and cheaply priced. Their crisp texture and vibrant colour make them a versatile choice for all kinds of winter dishes.

Eggplant is in great supply, thanks to produce coming from North Queensland, Bundaberg, and Gatton. When shopping for Eggplant, smooth and glossy skin is a good indicator of freshness and quality.

Both Broccoli and Cauliflower are affordably priced and growing well in the Lockyer Valley this time of year. Bring them together in this hearty Broccoli and Cauliflower Bake.

Winter is the perfect time for making warm, delicious soups, and you’ll find plenty of flavoursome soup ingredients at your local fruit and veg shop. Keep an eye out for Celery and Leek from the Lockyer Valley, as well as Ginger from the Atherton Tablelands, perfect for adding an immune system boost to your meals. 

North Queensland grown Hass Avocados are abundant, creamy and priced to be included in every dish this week. Add Avo to your salads and sandwiches, mix in with Potato mash for extra creamy texture, or even try this No Bake Chocolate Avocado Tart.

Winter is citrus season, and as we’re seeing Imperial Mandarins slow down, the Murcott Mandarin season is just starting, with tasty fruits coming out of Gayndah and Burnett.

Navel Oranges are also in season, with Mundubbera and Victorian grown fruit both great eating. While perfect as a lunch box snack, Oranges can be used to add a little zing to all kinds of recipes, like this Carrot and Orange Soup that’s packed full of vitamin C.

Apples coming out of Victoria this year are unseasonally large and are tasty at the moment. This is thanks to ideal Apple growing weather down south.

North Queensland is growing deliciously sweet and juicy Honey Dew and Rockmelons. When selecting Melons, choose fruit that are heavy for their size, and smell fragrant with a hint of sweetness.

In the mood to try something different? Step outside your comfort zone and pick up some Custard Apples. These green, knobbly looking fruit are growing all throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales this time of year. They are a wonderfully sweet snack with soft, white flesh. If you pop them in the fridge once they’re ripe, cut them in half and eat with a spoon, you could almost think you’re eating a bowl of vanilla ice-cream.

About Brisbane Markets  

As Queensland’s only central fruit and vegetable market, the Brisbane Markets is the state’s most important centre for the marketing and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables. It records an annual trade of over 700 million kilograms of produce valued at more than $2 billion. 

An important economic and employment hub, more than 4,500 people work or do business at the markets each day through over 170 businesses. This includes over 50 wholesalers who receive fresh produce from over 7,000 growers and trade five days a week to more than 800 registered buyers. 

About Brisbane Markets Limited 

Brisbane Markets Limited (BML) is the owner of the Brisbane Markets site and is responsible for its ongoing management and development.

BML provides infrastructure and services to facilitate the marketing of fresh food, flowers and other ancillary products for fruit, vegetable and flower wholesalers, retailers, provedores, secondary wholesalers, food processors, transporters, exporters, industry organisations and market support businesses. 

More information can be found on our website:  

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