Brisbane Produce Report – 10 November 2022

With the weather warming up and social calendars quickly filling up, meal prepping is essential for maintaining a healthy diet when you’re busy! Meal prepping can also help to maintain your budget each week! Keep up to date with what’s in season at your local fruit and veg shop and plan ahead to save time and money!

Our pick of the week this week is Globe Artichoke. A delicious option for your springtime meals. Known for its nutty flavour, Globe Artichokes are a crowd pleaser and make for a delicious entrée, side dish or snack. When choosing an Artichoke, look for tight leaves and feel heavy for their size. The leaves should also make a squeaking sound when pressed together.

There is a good supply of Sweet Potato from Bundaberg and are of good quality. Sweet Potato is lower in starch than regular Potato and counts towards your “five a day” veg intake. This bright orange root vegetable provides one-third of your manganese requirements, a mineral that helps produce collagen and promote skin and bone health. Why not try these easy to prepare Sweet Potato Canape Bites. Big and little kids alike will love these!

Sugarloaf Cabbage is in good supply and great quality. This crunchy, nutritious vegetable is a great tasty pick and a good source of folate, calcium, iron and vitamin C. Delicious cooked or served cold in a salad, Sugarloaf Cabbage is appearing in your local fruit and veg shop from Gatton this week.

Lettuce is another delicious option, with a wide variety available in your local fruit and veg shop from Caboolture, now the warmer weather has arrived. Whether you love cos, iceberg, romaine or smaller varieties such as oak, there’s one for everyone! Prepare a salad ahead of time and have your lunch all sorted. Lettuce adds freshness to your salad or sandwich. Be sure to add some lettuce to your weekly shop! Enjoy this light, refreshing  Lettuce Watermelon and Feta Salad.

For some added heat or flavour, Chillies are in abundance and of great quality from Bundaberg this week. From hot to mild, there are many varieties to choose from in your local fruit and veg shop. Spice up your morning with Chilli Breakfast Quesadillas.

Tomatoes are still in abundance and good quality from Gatton. Choose from a variety of Truss, Heirloom and Cherry tomatoes this week. Tomatoes are versatile and can be used in so many wonderful ways such as raw in salads or sandwiches, cooked into tasty sauces or soups, or celebrated in a tart like our Cherry Tomato and Basil Tart. With plenty of options, Tomatoes are a great option to help with this week’s meal prep!

Papaya are exceptional eating quality and great value this week. This red, football shaped fruit is full of antioxidants to boost the health of your skin and immune system. Look for Far North Queensland Papaya in your local fruit and veg shop. Why not make this tasty Papaya Relish condiment and support your immune system every day.

Melons are one of the best flavours of summer are coming into season from North Queensland as the weather improves. Choose from Watermelon, Rockmelon or Honeydew Melon to complement a fruit salad, cheese board or simply slice and eat alone for a portable, refreshing ready to go snack! The Cucumber, Watermelon and Basil Cooler is a quick and easy taste sensation. With a little planning, you can whip this up in minutes!

Sweet and ripe Blueberries from Crows Nest can easily be packed into a lunch box for school or the office. No preparation required! Get baking this weekend and try our Blueberry Yoghurt Cake for an extra Blueberry-packed snack!

This week, stone fruit are at their eating best. White and Yellow Nectarines and Peaches from Kumbia are full of flavour and summer goodness. Stone fruit is delicious when added to salads, like our Peach and Prosciutto Salad with Sweet Red Wine Dressing.

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