Brisbane Produce Report – 19 April 2024

We are well into Autumn and the changing season is bringing with it changes to the weather and produce lines. While there are exciting new fruits to try in your local fruit and veg shop, you’ll also find dependable vegetables that are still well priced and in great supply, all making their way through the Brisbane Markets.

Our pick of the week is Gold Sweet Potato from Bundaberg, currently in good supply and affordably priced. Incredibly versatile, Sweet Potato can be mashed, fried as tasty fritters, baked in savoury dishes and even sweet treats.

Also from Bundaberg, Zucchini remains abundant in the Markets. You’ll find Zucchini in your local fruit and veg shop to be good quality and competitively priced.

Sweet Corn is in season in the Lockyer Valley with golden cobs available in a variety of sizes.

Another great staple vegetable is Pumpkin, with great eating Queensland Blue Pumpkin coming in from the Lockyer Valley, and Kent Pumpkins from Northern Territory.

Avocados are incredibly abundant with an overlap of the Hass and Sheppard Avocado seasons. Grown in North Queensland, you’ll find creamy Avocados priced to be enjoyed with every meal.

The Pomegranate season is now in full swing, with plenty of this unusual fruit coming from New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Add Pomegranate seeds to deserts, salads and even savoury dishes for a tasty, sweet treat.

Pineapples are growing well everywhere from South East Queensland up to North Queensland. With a plentiful supply in excellent quality, now is the time to try something new, like this Baked Pineapple Chicken dish.

We’re seeing more and more Custard Apples from South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales come through the Markets each week. Custard Apples should be bought when firm and enjoyed once they’ve softened – if you put your fruit in the fridge before eating you could almost believe it’s a bowl of ice cream.

If you want to try something different this week, there’s a good supply of Feijoa coming from Stanthorpe. These little green fruit can be eaten similarly to Kiwifruit – simply cut in half and scoop out the flesh for a tasty tropical treat, or try your hand at this Feijoa Crumble Slice.

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