Susan Lewis, General Manager
Murray Bros

Susan started her career in the fresh produce industry at just 17 years of age as a cashier at Murray Bros. Since that time, she has worked in different roles within the organisation including administration, accounts, data entry, Office Manager and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director. Now the General Manager of Murray Bros, Susan says that the best thing about her role is the people she gets to work with.

“I now have 70 employees to look after, and I enjoy their diverse personalities. You also get to meet a lot of great growers and customers who you can build business relationships with to achieve success,” said Susan.

“It’s a great industry to work in and there are plenty of opportunities where if you put in the effort, you can grow your career from the bottom up.”

Susan says that Murray Bros, like many Brisbane Markets employers, provide a great career pathway and opportunities to learn a diverse skill set.

“We have staff who start off in labouring, pick and packing, or administration and are then trained to work in other areas such as forklift driving, warehousing, ripening, prepacking, sales, or account management. There are so many opportunities for growth and development.”

Susan also says that it’s a great lifestyle working in the Brisbane Markets, and you have plenty of time to spend with family and friends.

“The hours are great – you start early, but you get to have the afternoons off, so it gives you a balanced life.”

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